Need some help with day-to-day whole food, plant-based meal preparation? This class will help! Learn some basic recipes and techniques to make your healthy lifestyle work ever yday. Nutritionist Christine Kestner will present ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks or appetizers. Participants will be offered samples and recipes to take home.

Christine Kestner, MS, CNS,  demonstrates how to make festive, whole food plant based dishes for a healthy, happy holiday meal in her home kitchen.  Participants take home samples and recipes.

$20 with advance registration

$25 at the door

To register, email:

Prepay online:

Or call: 571-277-0877

Class Location: 424 Madden Street, Berryville VA 22611

Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for people committed to plant-based lifestyles. Nutritionist Christine Kestner, MS, CNS, LDN, will show you how to make delicious, festive dishes for a whole food, plant-based Thanksgiving feast! Participants will take home recipes and samples.

Sunday, November 18

2-4 pm

$20 with pre-registration

$25 at the door
Please note the location:

Four Forces Wellness, Inc. 424 Madden Street Berryville VA 22611

Please call 571-277-0877 or email with questions or to register, or prepay at:

The time for all things pumpkin is upon us!  Join Nutritionist Christine Kestner, MS, CNS, LDN, for a demonstration of various dishes featuring pumpkin in ways that may surprise you!

$20 with registration by October 26

$25 at the door

This class is offered at:
Four Forces Wellness, Inc.
424 Madden Street
Berryville VA 22611
Email Christine at
Prepay online at
or call 571-277-0877
with questions or to register