Online Beginning Tai Chi One-On-One Instruction 

Tai Chi is an ancient mind-body practice developed in Taoist and Buddhist monasteries in China. Although once limited to those who devoted years of their lives to study and practice, simplified forms are now accessible to everyone. Due to Covid-19, instruction is currently offered exclusively online.

Please contact Christine Kestner at 571-277-0877 or email Christine@4ForcesWellness.com for more information and to register.


Christine Kestner

Our Nutritionist, Christine Kestner, recently added FAI Tai Chi Instructor Certification to her credentials. She has practiced Tai Chi and Qigong for a number of years with several teachers.

Christine teaches the Yang 24 Short form, the most easily accessible form for beginners. She credits her Tai Chi practice with helping her to recover from a shoulder injury.

Please contact Christine at Christine@4ForcesWellness.com or call

(571)277-0877 to find out how Tai Chi can support your well-being.