Mankind has depended upon plants for all aspects of our life since we first walked this earth. Today, 80% of world cultures still use herbal medicine as their primary medicine. Hippocrates, known as the father of Western medicine, was an herbalist. An appointment with an herbalist involves a comprehensive review of your health history, your lifestyle and dietary choices, and the use of traditional diagnostic techniques including the reading of pulses, the tongue, skin and nails.  You can expect compassionate listening, and a protocol that you can manage within your time, lifestyle and budgetary constraints. Recommendations will include specific herbs and therapeutic doses and may be offered as teas, in tinctures or glycerin, in powder form, in tablet or capsule form.


Geo Giordano, M.Sc., RH(AHG)

Registered Medical Herbalist

Geo Derick, Msc, RH(AHG), Registered Clinical Herbalist, is the founding Owner, Practitioner & Formulator of Geos Joy. She received her Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine from Tai Sophia Institute (now the Maryland University of Integrative Health), where she served as the Outreach Coordinator from 2006-2008. Ms. Derick is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), which promotes the highest level of professionalism and ethical practice of herbal therapeutics. She has been trained to work in partnership with modern medicine as an advocate for clients health goals.  

Geo enjoys formulating custom medicines for clients that are both good tasting and therapeutic. As an avid organic gardener, cook and educator, she agrees with Hippocrates: Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. Ms. Derick has taught dozens of subjects at various universities, conferences, organizations and other venues of learning. Her passion for health and nutrition, the plants and the planet are known to be contagious!

To find out about rates or to make an appointment with Geo call 410-707-4486 (cell) or email geosjoy@rstarmail.com.









Caroline Urbania, MS

Therapeutic Herbalist and Formulator

To find out about rates or to make an appointment with Caroline, call (732) 673-2885 (cell) or email curbania@gmail.com.

Caroline Eve Urbania is a Therapeutic Herbalist and Formulator now seeing clients for Herbal Wellness consultations.

Services offered:

Comprehensive Initial Consultation:

Caroline offers a comprehensive and detailed initial consultation reviewing all significant inputs that inform and effect client wellness and concerns. Client goals will be discussed in depth and a clear plan and herbal protocol will be created towards reaching those goals. Initial consults typically last for 1.5 hours.

Custom Formulations:

Following an in-depth initial consultation she will custom formulate herbal preparations as needed to address long and short-term client goals as discussed together.

Follow-Up Consultations:

Follow up consultations are typically shorter than initial intake consultations and last for 1 hour. During a follow up, clients may discuss efficacy of formulations, assess progress, share changes or shifts, and discuss protocol for continuing wellness goals.

In addition to completing the only Master of Science in Herbalism program available in this country, Caroline brings to her clients a diverse cultural awareness, respect for all backgrounds and walks of life, and sensitivity towards all belief systems.


Caroline earned a BFA in Painting following a lifelong passion for artistic expression with a minor in Spanish Studies. She next became certified as an ESL instructor, teaching English to foreign diplomats in the heart of Washington DC. After living several years in the Indian subcontinent and inspired by the wisdom still present in many of the world’s natural medicines, she began her studies at Maryland University of Integrative Health (then Tai Sophia) in Therapeutic Herbalism and received her Master of Science degree. In addition to her coursework she completed a 2 Year Dispensary Internship which covered all aspects of running an herbal dispensary (apothecary) to GMP standards and a Microscopy Internship in Quality Control at Traditional Medicinals Tea Company in California.

Additional Interests:

Caroline has completed her Master level Reiki Certification, first level certifications in Pranic healing, Johrei, and Sacred Geometry, and participates regularly in Traditional Native American Ceremony.

Meaghan Thompson


Beginning her herbal journey in the Wise Woman tradition, Meaghan went on to study clinical herbalism for two years at Sky House Herb School. Upon completion of the clinical program Meaghan studied advanced herbal energetics and clinic at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine.

Meaghan’s main approach when seeing clients is using traditional western herbalism with a key focus on herbal energetics and the six tissue states. Using this method she pulls a lot from TCM and Ayurvedic healing systems. Another key component to how Meaghan sees clients is working on the emotional level. To do this she likes to combine the use of flower essences with other herbal, dietary and life style recommendations.

Meaghan believes through a total body/mind, physical/emotional, connection complete healing, health and happiness is attainable. Along with seeing clients in a clinical setting, Meaghan also teaches workshops on various herb related topics and is a medicinal herb farmer operating a medicinal herb CSA for most of the year. Working hands on with the plants she is using in her apothecary, she is able to see the direct connection between the environment in which the plants flourish and how they interact with the human body allowing it to flourish as well.

To find out about rates or to make an appointment with Meaghan,  email cbherbcsa@gmail.com.